Lumberjax mini golf
Enjoy 18 holes of indoor mini golf set in 1850's logging town theme.
Mini golf course
Lumberjax Indoor mini golf at motion entertainment
Stoney Bridge
Lumberjax mini golf hole 17 - Putt over the stoney bridge, watch out there may be a troll under the bridge.
Axe Throwing Target
This is Jax's Axe throwing Target. Lumberjax mini golf is set in an abandoned 1850's logging town theme.
Blacksmith Shed
Enjoy playing through the blacksmith shed with black light glowing effects
Charlie the Train
Meet Charlie the train at Lumberjax mini golf.
Steam Winch
The Steam Winch also known in the 1850's as a DONKEY , used to pull logs up from the valley's.
Fairy House
Play through the fallen log, which the fairy's have claimed as their home
Charlie the Train
Here is a close up of Charlie, his nick name is Rusty
Themed mini golf
Keep an eye out for all the carved faces at Lumberjax Mini Golf.
Toms Canyon
Play mini golf through the old railway tracks from the abandoned tunnel.
Axe Stumps
Jax has left his axes out after chopping all his stumps.
Carpentry shop
Carpenters shop front, there is just so much to see at Lumberjax Mini Golf.
Jax Gold Mine
Play mini golf through the abandoned gold mine, through the rubble and enjoy the black light lighting effects.
Trinity Falls
Lumberjax is surrounded by an amazing hand painted mural, with lot's to see - including the beautiful Trinity Falls!
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