Lumberjax concept
Conceptional drawings for Lumberjax mini golf
Lumberjax Install
Installing and constructing
custom concrete edging
Laying out the concrete edging to define the course
Grass going in
Tiger Turf grass starting to get layed at lumberjax mini golf
Axe Target construction
Steel work construction
Axe Target Carving
A layer of concrete is plastered over frame work, which is then carved creating the awesome wood grain effect.
Axe Target Painting
Paint effect to bring out the wood grain, and then the target was painted on.
Axe Target Completed
Make sure you have a close look at the finished master piece there is just so much detail in this feature.
#13 Charlie the train
One of the only parts of the project that we used the cnc on. All of the train components were made from high density polystyrene.
Charlie the Train
Checking if all the polystyrene parts fit together before gluing.
Charlie #13
Charlie the train is getting it's fake rust painted on.
Log painting
Once the log which is made from polystyrene has been carved by hand it gets a special paint job to make it look real.
Charlie ready roll
The Charlie the lumberjax train all assembled with two large logs behind.
Train tracks installed
The Gantry the holds the tracks are all carved concrete to look like timber posts, with the track consisting of macrocarpa timber and custom made fake railway steel tracks.
Fooling around
These real art pieces are amazing, these insects are custom hand made out of steel.
The Big Tree
This is a good example of the construction process, First we have a stell internal structure which is meshed then there is a layer of concrete applied. Which is then hand carved and painted.
Big Tree being painted
Multiple paint colours are required to give the tree a life like look. To finish off the corner a Mural was painted as a backdrop on the wall.
Carved face
Face close up of a finished post that has been carved out of concrete and then painted to look like real wood.
Fairy tree log
Concrete log has been carved and now ready for painting.
Stoney Bridge
Concrete has been carved to look like rocks. Which will the be painted and aged.
Our Apprentice carving
The whole family got involved even the youngest member Tom was caving some of the concrete timber effects.
Training in progress
Teaching the next generation to theme. Learning to create a timber carved effect into concrete.
The Forge
Constructing the steel work and then carving the concrete rocks.
Wood Graining
James carving one of the tree stumps made from concrete. The axe is hand made from steel.
Ticket Kiosk
Constructing the Tree house Kiosk was alot of fun, one of the bigger pieces we made that was freighted to site. The overall width of the tree was 2.2m
Steam Winch
Construction of the Steam Winch, Steel internal frame work which has been cladded with concrete and hand carved to give the timber grain effect
Fake timber beams
These amazing fake timber beams all hand carved out of concrete. These all went into the Gold mine tunnel.
The bollards created the fence line for the mini golf course.
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