About Lumberjx Indoor Mini Golf

Imagine a once thriving 1850s logging camp, abandoned when a natural disaster hit.
The town being deserted until an enterprising young man, Jax, turned it into a mini putt golf course. You will be able to play through the mine tunnel, under the railway tracks, visit the blacksmith’s shop and walk through the giant tree stump.

The course is suitable for young and old and there are plenty of photo opportunities along the way!

The Creator

History of Mini Golf

Lumberjax Mini Golf is the brainchild of a Father and Son team, Alan and James Astrop of 3D Workshop in Auckland. Alan has an engineering and signwriting background, his son James coming from a graphic design and signwriting background. They have been making 3D componentry, including features for mini putt courses, for a number of years. In recent times they have been seeking a venue to set up there own idea for a mini golf course. Alan was introduced to the Motion Entertainment concept with a number of indoor entertainment activities under one roof. This convinced them to make the decision to fulfil the dream of opening up there very own specially themed mini golf course.

Miniature golf started in the USA in the early 1920's. In the early 1900's miniature golf was actually the short game of real golf. The name used in the early years was Garden Golf and it was played with a putter on real grass.
In 1920 and 1930 rails started to appear and the surface was changed to hard pressed cotton seed hulls. It was also in the 1930's that obstacles were introduced to the game.

In the 1940's the now familiar story book characters were introduced as course obstacles and hazzards.

Since the 1980's the newer Adventure style courses became very popular. These courses adopt a Disney look theme.

In the 1990's till now the new minature golf is coming of age. The course design is much more creative with lots of mounding and varying elevations sometimes accented by rippling streams and waterfalls as well as a great looking surrounding.  With some courses focusing on that theme park feel with amazing props, sculptures etc.  
The game itself has become more challenging and the number of players increasing dramatically every year.

Minature golf has made this transformation without losing any of its fun. Young kids still love to play with Mum and Dad. The putting challenge enjoyed by older players doesn’t effect the kids fun one bit. They still laugh and have a great time. Whether playing for score or just fun, everyone seems to love miniature golf. There is no age or skill barrier.

A great Mini Golf course becomes a real community asset. Creating a friendly family orientated activity to enjoy.